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Free cycle parking for North Wiltshire

We are now offering up to two FREE cycle stands to community groups and small businesses in North Wiltshire through our “Take a Stand®” scheme. This is possible thanks to funding from Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy. 

For those who don’t know us, we are a Bristol-based cycling charity that works across the West of England and in Derby. Our mission is to get more people cycling – helping them unlock the health, social and environmental benefits. To do this we offer a variety of services, including free cycle parking to small businesses and community organisations who do not have a ‘sustainable transport’ budget.

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Why should your business have cycle parking?

One of the great appeals of cycling is that you can travel door-to-door using a single, quick, healthy and low-cost mode of transport. However, a lack of secure cycle parking can be a huge turn-off to staff, visitors or customers who want to cycle. 

Evidence shows that cyclists spend more at local shops than motorists. Many employers are taking steps to encourage staff to cycle, in order to create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.  There is also evidence that having a reputation for being proudly ‘green’ is good for business too.

Most crucially, in the wake of COVID 19, more and more people are looking for alternative forms of transport that are safe and ‘green’. For many, cycling ticks both boxes - and they need somewhere safe to park their bike!

About the scheme

We have been successfully delivering the Take a Stand® scheme in BANES, Bristol, Bournemouth, Derby, Herefordshire and Swindon. Thanks to funding from Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy we can now offer our ‘Sheffield stands’ to small, local businesses, private residential landlords, shops and community organisations within the North Wilshire area. 

The Sheffield stands are strong and sturdy, ensuring maximum security. They can be installed in two ways, depending on the kind of surface outside your premises. We will deliver and install up to two stands completely free of charge – subject to eligibility. Click here for more details about eligibility and to apply

Bernadette, Life Cycle’s Take a Stand Coordinator, said:

“We are so grateful to Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy for funding us to deliver high quality, secure cycle parking to North Wiltshire. Each successful applicant will be able to provide parking for up to four bikes, helping them become more accessible and welcoming to people who travel by bike – as well as boosting their ‘green credentials’.”

Jess Thimbleby, Sustainability Officer at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust said:

“It’s been great to see so many people enjoying being out on their bikes during the past few months, Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy Community Fund is happy to support this project to encourage people to keep cycling”.

Satisfied customer, Alice said: 

“We love our new cycle stand! It contributes to the sense of community in the area, encouraging fitness and helping the environment. Customers with bikes are now at ease leaving them outside the shop, giving them more time to browse and try things on”.

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