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Driverless Car Trials

Dear fellow cyclist

We are taking the liberty of contacting you as we want to reach out to the local cycling community and thought that you may be able to help. Here at UWE we are preparing for a third driverless car trial as part of the VENTURER project and we wondered if you or any of your cycling contacts might be interested in taking part. The third trial will explore how driverless vehicles might interact with cyclists and walkers.

On road and simulator trails will be taking place here at the University of the West of England (Frenchay Campus, Bristol) from 22 January to 16 February 2018. Would you be interested in taking part?

The trials are open to new participants who have not been involved in Trial 1 (“hand over”) or Trial 2 (“rating trust in the autonomous vehicle’s driving”). In order to be considered, you will need to be 18 or over and meet one of the following criteria:


  1. Hold a full driving licence for passenger cars or larger vehicles, or
  2. Are a regular cyclist and could come to the trials by or with your bike, or
  3. Regularly walk for local journeys and could come to the trials on foot or by public transport.


If you meet one of these criteria, are interested and available, please contact me (jonathan.flower@uwe.ac.uk) indicating which categories you fall into (driver, cyclist or pedestrian).


If you are selected, we will agree a date and time to suit you. The times are expected to be from 09h30-13h00 or from 12h30-16h00 on one specific day. You would be fully briefed before experiencing a short journey in a driverless vehicle on private roads and/or a similar journey in a simulator. You will be asked to provide feedback about your experiences. The trial may be video-recorded. Lunch will be provided.


Please feel free to pass this message on to others that may be interested. We are seeking women and men from a wide cross-section of the population with a good mix of ages, opinions and experience.


Yours faithfully


Jonathan Flower (jonathan.flower@uwe.ac.uk)

On behalf of the VENTURER Team

UWE Bristol