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Coronavirus update

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We will be updating this page on an ongoing basis. If you are regularly involved with one of our projects or services, you will continue to receive updates from your project or service coordinator. Please keep an eye on your email inbox, social media and the Life Cycle website for more details.

In these difficult times, two things are very important to us:

  1. Protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff, freelancers, volunteers and service users.
  2. Safeguarding the organisation financially.

Here’s what we’re doing to make sure we stand by our commitment:

1.  Overall picture

We will continue to follow guidelines set out by the Government and Public Health England.

Now we are in lockdown we are working on adapting our services so that we can help people who need access to a bike. Under current legislation, bike shops are able to stay open, provided strict social distancing measures are followed. We are well aware of the vital role bicycle transport will play in helping key workers get to work, whilst avoiding public transport.  We are working hard to adapt so that we can re-open our bike workshops in some capacity, as soon as possible.

Our bike sales are now taking place online.

Click here for Bristol bike sales.

Click here for Derby bikes sales.

Please note our workshops are still closed to the public. Please do not turn up without an appointment.

Health and safety information:

Anyone who delivers a service for us will be following Government guidance about minimising social contact. They are under strict instructions to follow Public Health England's guidelines:

  • They will not deliver Life Cycle services if they feel unwell or have been in contact with someone who has.
  • All Public Health England advice is followed re washing hands, keeping a safe distance, etc.

As ever, the situation is changing very quickly so we will continue to update you.

All office-based staff are now working from home.

We will not be taking calls from our office phones. Please email staff. If you don’t have the direct contact details of the person you are trying to reach, please email office@lifecycleuk.org.uk and we will make sure someone gets back to you as soon as possible. If you have any meetings booked we will either seek to postpone them or use the telephone, Google Hangouts, Zoom or Skype.

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2.  Our services

We know that many people rely on our services, and in these difficult times, riding a bike can be a great way to stay healthy and raise the spirits whilst maintaining a safe distance from others. It is with great regret that we have been forced to temporarily suspend most of our services for the time being.

Please see below for details and updates about specific projects and services:

Bike sales - Bristol and Derby

Our Bristol and Derby workshops are closed to the public, however we have launched online bike sales:

Click here for Bristol bike sales.

Click here for Derby bikes sales.

Bike servicing - Bristol and Derby

We are working on re-opening servicing in Derby - and launching this in Bristol. We will keep you updated on this. 

Bike donations

We are still taking bike donations at our Bristol and Derby workshop - provided Government guidelines are followed and donors feel it is safe. Click here to donate your unwanted bike.

Prisoner training
The Ministry of Justice has decided that it is no longer safe to be offering educational activities within prisons. For this reason bike production has been temporarily suspended. As soon as restrictions are lifted we will be back at the front line, helping prisoners to boost their skills and wellbeing by training as cycle mechanics. For now, our skeleton staff will be refurbishing bikes under strict physical distancing and cleaning measures.

Bike maintenance courses

Maintenance course have been temporarily suspended, subject to review at the end of April. However, we are still taking bookings for our September City & Guilds Level 2 course.

Group rides and activities

As many of our ‘Inclusive Cycling’ service-users are vulnerable, we have cancelled all further group activities in line with advice from British Cycling and Cycling UK. We will be reviewing this at the end of April.

However, we would encourage anyone who can to continue cycling solo - provided it is in line with official advice and feels safe to do so. This link has some useful guidance and is updated regularly in line with Public Health England guidelines.

Youth Project

The three adventure playgrounds we are based at are all closed until further notice and our activities are suspended for the time being too.

Bikeability and holiday courses in schools

Now that schools are closed all Bikeability activities will be suspended until further notice.

This includes holiday courses. 

We will update you about term five when we know more.


Dr Bike and adult cycle training

For now, one-to-one cycle training is suspended in line with Governement advice that cycling should only take place solo.

We are actively evaluating if we can continue our Dr Bike service for key workers in a way that meets Public Health England guidelines on social distancing.

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3.  Stay up to date 

We will be updating this page on an ongoing basis. You can also sign up to our newsletter mailing list here.

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If you are regularly involved with one of our projects or services, you will continue to receive updates from your project or service coordinator. Please keep an eye on your email inbox, social media and the Life Cycle website for more details.

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4.  Financial situation

Life Cycle has entered this difficult period with strong financial reserves that meet both Charity Commission guidance and our own Trustees' policy.  We have these reserves precisely so that we can continue during periods of unexpected disruption to our services. However, as it is unlear how long Covid-19 will affect our ability to deliver services, we are still taking steps to closely monitor our expenditure, are actively seeking dialogue wth our funders and keeping abreast of government support schemes.

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5.  How you can help

  1. Please consider making a donation to Life Cycle UK. Any help you can give would be hugely appreciated during these difficult times.
  2. Support your local community (or receive support) here: https://covidmutualaid.org/
  3. Acorn are looking for support for people who are self-isolating
  4. If you live in Bristol you can volunteer with "Can Do Bristol"
  5. Share social distancing and other guidelines in other languages.
  6. The ''We Are Bristol' support phone number – 0117 352 3011 – went live on Tuesday 31 March and will offer a potential lifeline to isolated and worried residents across the city. Calls 8.30am-5pm, Monday to Friday to provide support for people with many needs

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6.  Want to keep cycling?


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Thank you and stay safe

On behalf of everyone at Life Cycle, thank you all for your patience, understanding and flexibility. We are heartbroken to be having to suspend so many of our services and we hope that everyone will stay safe and well. We encourage you all to support each other remotely - and stay in touch by phone, text and online.

If you need to get in touch with someone at Life Cycle, you can find a list of our email addresses here. Alternatively, email office@lifecycleuk.org.uk and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

To stay up to date with the latest developments, please join our mailing list.

Stay safe and we will continue to update you all as the situation evolves.

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