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Christmas without consumerism?


“Climate breakdown, soil loss and the collapse of habitats and species: all are driven by rising consumption. Every Friday is a Black Friday, every Christmas a more garish festival of destruction… snow saunas, portable watermelon coolers and smartphones for dogs” – George Monbiot

Christmas is cheerfully celebrated as a time of excess. But in a world of mass consumerism, how can we make sure sustainability isn’t forgotten amongst the fun?  Resisting the temptation to stock up on excessively packaged festive goods doesn’t mean crushing the Christmas spirit. In fact, it could help us restore its purer, original sentiment: goodwill to all and universal generosity, without unbounded consumption. 

Thinking of buying a present someone doesn’t really need? Why not do something different this Christmas?

You could give the gifts of health, happiness and companionship to someone in need, using the simple power of cycling: 

•    You could give a child, whose family can’t afford to buy them a bike, access to free afterschool and holiday cycling sessions at their local playground.

•    You could help someone like Michael, who was lonely and isolated after his wife died, to make friends and boost his health by joining our Over 55s cycling group. 

•    You could give a visually impaired person like Emma the chance to team up with a sighted volunteer and enjoy a joyful day out tandem cycling.

Three ways you can change a life this Christmas

  1. Save a tree or three: swap greetings cards for an e card - and donate the money you save
  2. In place of a gift, ask friends and family to make a donation on your behalf.
  3. Give a gift that keeps on giving - all year round: set up a small, monthly donation to Life Cycle UK

With your help, we can transform more lives in 2019 - starting this Christmas. Thank you.

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