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The Bikeability Awards 2018

We all want a future where people are healthier and our neighbourhoods less polluted.

To help create the next generation of confident, responsible cyclists, Life Cycle provides cycle training in schools - known as Bikeability. Our expert instructors work across Bristol and North Somerset, teaching children the skills to become road aware and cycle-savvy.

This year the Bikeability Trust launched the first ever awards programme to celebrate excellence in the Bikeability industry. In recognition of his fantastic coordination work, Life Cycle nominated Year 5 teacher Simon Partridge for the ‘School/Teacher/Governor of the Year’ category.

Simon Partridge has served as the Bikeability coordinator at Ashton Gate Primary School since 2013. He will be retiring this year and will certainly be a tough act to follow: Thanks to his dedication and enthusiasm, we have seen a notable and steady increase in pupil engagement with Bikeability at the school.

Simon has built strong relationships with our instructors and shared with them his in-depth knowledge of the pupils’ needs. Determined that everyone should be able to take part, he would arrange for children who couldn’t ride a bike to have individual cycle lessons so they were ready in time for the courses. This has been the key to the high success rates at Ashton Gate Primary.


Frances McMillan, Life Cycle’s Bikeability Coordinator said:

“Simon has a passion for teaching and cycling. He is definitely someone who practices what he preaches and cycles to school almost every day! Simon always goes ‘over and above’ to include everyone: whether it’s helping pupils to borrow bikes from us, or liaising with the Family Cycle Centre so a disabled pupil could borrow a Trike. He has raised the profile of Bikeability so much. It has been wonderful working with him”

Life Cycle filmed some Year 5 pupils talking about their experiences of Bikeability training and reflecting on the inclusive and supportive role Mr. Partridge played. Stayed tuned – we’ll be sharing the video on our YouTube channel soon.

The nominations were assessed by a panel of independent, expert judges. The shortlisted candidates were invited to attend the awards ceremony in London on Thursday 17th May. We were delighted to hear that Simon came runner up! 


Mr. Partridge said:

“The day in London was lovely. It was really uplifting hearing about the good work that goes on around the country in the name of giving children good experiences on a bike and making them safer on the road.  [Bikeability] is a fantastic system staffed with hardworking and passionate people and it was a privilege to meet some of them. Thank you very much for my award”.

Life Cycle would like to thank Simon Partridge for his commitment and dedication to helping children in Bristol to cycle safely and confidently. 

To find out more about Life Cycle’s Bikeability training, click the following links: Bristol; North Somerset.

Simon Partridge with his wife, Penny, at the Bikeability awards ceremony