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Bike storage research volunteers needed!

A bike hangar on the street

One of Life Cycle UK’s Ride Leaders, Brian Edgar, is looking for volunteers to help with research he is doing on bike storage in the residential areas of our cities. Brian is hoping to talk to people who can help him understand the things residents take into account when thinking about storing a bike, and how this may affect their choice of transport. His project also includes a look at some examples of how on-street bike hangars could be used most effectively in the UK.

Brian is interested in initiatives designed to promote and encourage cycling, and the idea for this particular project originated from his own experience of the difficulties he has met when trying to store bikes at home. He says;

“I have always found it much easier, and more acceptable, to park a car at home rather than keep a bike!” 

The bike storage conundrum

People who live in older, more densely-built homes often have to use hallways, landings, bedrooms or garden sheds as bike-storage areas. The limited research there has been so far suggests that this lack of suitable bike-storage facilities at home is a big factor in a person’s decision not to cycle. The provision of easily accessible, safe, secure, and cheap bike-parking locations could lead to more people using a bike.

How you can help

Brian would like to hear from anyone willing to help with his research – and you don’t have to be a cyclist! Once you’ve agreed to help, you’ll get an email or a phone call and you’ll be given a bit more detail about the research, what the interview will be like and how long it will take (not too long, honestly!) and you’ll be sent an Information Pack and Consent Form.

Interviews will most likely be done online (using Microsoft Teams or Zoom) or over the phone, but they could also be done in person, if appropriate. All the information gathered from an interview will be securely managed, confidential and anonymised (and you can decide to opt-out at any point).

Get in touch

It would be great if you can help. If you are interested or want more information, please contact Brian by email at: brian2.edgar@live.uwe.ac.uk or call/text his mobile: 07738274155

The research is entitled Bicycle Storage in UK Residential Areas: An Investigation of the Attitudes of Residents and their Choice of Storage Solution, and is part of Brian’s postgraduate studies in Sustainable Development in Practice, which he’s doing at the University of the West of England in Bristol.

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