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Bike Minded summer roundup, 2017


‘Bike Minded’ is the name of our programme of friendly, group bike rides that support people to improve their mental and physical wellbeing through cycling.

This summer, we really made the most of the longer, warmer days - offering a varied programme of activities additional to our regular group rides. Here's a selection of what the group got up to:

Summer Social: BBQ in St Werburghs allotment

Each year we organise a summer social for the Bike Minded riders, volunteers and ride leaders. This year, they enjoyed a ride in the sunshine along the cycle path into Oldbury Court, stopping for ice creams on the way. They then headed down to the river, back through Eastville park and into St Werburghs for a BBQ on ride leader Polly's allotment - where they picked their own salad to add to the grilled goods:

"Really nice to get to know more people. Thanks for a lovely day" – Mike*

See photos from the day here.

Ride to Dundry Slopes for an afternoon in nature with Avon Wildlife Trust

This is one of our new beginners’ rides that starts from Knowle West Health Park. The group rode to the nature reserve on Dundry Slopes to visit a Wellbeing Through Nature project run by the Avon Wildlife Trust. They went on a guided walk around the woodland - including a field of ancient Horsetail weed; made crafts from materials found on the land; and had a tour of the project and its amazing roundhouse. The day finished with tea and biscuits around the camp fire.

"I had a great time - feel really relaxed" – Liza*

"I'd like to come here again, found it really helpful to escape into nature for a bit" – Khadija*

See photos from the day here.

Malago Greenway and physio talk

The group took a gentle ride along the Malago Greenway cycle path followed by a talk from Physiotherapist, Jenny Buckley. Jenny demonstrated some exercises and stretches that compliment cycling - helping riders to stay supple and avoid aches and pains after long rides. Ride leader Polly Stubley then shared some helpful information about how to set your bike up correctly for maximum comfort when riding.

"Really useful - I didn't know there were so many adjustments I could make on a bike that would make it more comfortable to ride" – Maya*

"Some great stretches to do after cycling, thanks for arranging this afternoon" – Gerain*

*All names changed

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If you would like to try out a Bike Minded ride, or meet some current riders in a relaxed, informal setting please email: Bikeminded@lifecycleuk.org.uk


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