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'Bike Minded' in South Bristol


People are often surprised to discover just how many cycle routes crisscross Bristol – and lead out to the countryside in no time at all. Once these hidden gems are unearthed, the potential for bike adventures to greener spaces becomes clear. South Bristol has a reputation for being disconnected from the rest of the city – yet it is the doorway to beautiful countryside and fantastic cycle routes. We felt it was time to lead the way out of the centre and into South Bristol…

Our wellbeing project - ‘Bike Minded’ - has organised regular rides that either start or pass through South Bristol. Some will start from Knowle West Health Park and go on to explore quiet routes in South Bristol, including the Malago Greenway cycle path (which follows the Malago river out of the city). There are also rides planned to Crox Bottom nature reserve. (For a full list of rides see the bottom of the page).

“Meeting places in South Bristol are great! I otherwise have to add 20 miles to my cycle as I live so far away from the [central] meeting points” – Dan*

“Learning new cycling routes has been invaluable - it helps me travel to places I wouldn’t normally know how to get to, and also find nicer routes to places I've been before. I’ve improved my fitness and stamina too – though it’s never too challenging as the group goes out their way to make sure everyone is having a good time” – Rita

For riders that don’t have their own bike, we have arranged for some bikes to be stored at Knowle West Health Park for people to borrow – and we also offer the option to purchase professionally refurbished bikes at affordable prices (Bike Minded riders get an extra discount).

“It's such a friendly and supportive group! I have gone from ‘not cycled in years’, to getting a bike from Life Cycle’s ‘Bike Back’ project, to building my confidence and now cycling regularly” - Sylvie

All Bike Minded participants have the option to receive free cycle training to build their confidence, and they can also loan an electric bike from us, free of charge. For those whose bikes need a little TLC, we have organised some free bike maintenance sessions. The next maintenance session will take place on Monday 24th September at the end of the ride.

“It has given me more confidence in myself. I have always enjoyed cycling but being part of a group has made a difference - and has enabled me to take my interest further: I now go on much longer cycle tours. Bike Minded bicycle workshops definitely helped give me this confidence” – Kim

Upcoming rides in South Bristol:

  • Friday 10th August: Balloon Fiesta ride (with a pickup point in Knowle West)
  • Monday 24th September:  Ride to Crox Bottom Nature Reserve, (pickup point in Knowle West), followed by a cycle maintenance session at Knowle West Health Park (2-4pm).

Stay tuned for more rides to be announced…

For a full list of Bike Minded rides click here. For more information please email bikeminded@lifecycleuk.org.uk

*All names have been changed

North Bristolians have not been forgotten either! We are also running regular Bike Minded rides from The Greenway Centre in Southmead. See our website or contact Bike Minded for more details.