Dr Bike

Cranky cranks? Broken brakes? Terrible tyres? Send for Doctor Bike! Our cycle-therapist is available to visit workplaces, schools, colleges and community centres, or events such as festivals and carnivals. Click here to download an information sheet. We offer the following services:

Cycle Surgery

We fix punctures, tune gears, fit new brake blocks and replace cables. We also give out lots of helpful and impartial advice about bike care and maintenance.

A cycle surgery is great fun. It's practical too because it gets bikes working smoothly and safely: and that's the first step to getting more people cycling. If your organisation has a Green Travel Plan, a Doctor Bike surgery is a great way to encourage cycle commuting.

Bike MOTs

A variation on the classic Doctor Bike Surgery is the Bike MOT. Our mechanics inspect people's bikes and assess their condition against our 33-point checklist. Minor faults are fixed on the spot and advice given if the bike needs more complex repairs. parts are not included in this service. Recipients can choose to purchase parts directly.

Standard or Charity +

We offer two grades of service. Standard service or Charity +. The difference is that for Charity +, you are making an explicit donation to our strictly charitable services, such as Two's Company (tandem rides for the visually impaired), Bike Minded (activities to help those with mental helath issues), our Youth Project or Silver Cyclist Project. Your donation of £45 could, for example, pay for an annual service for one of our Two's Company tandems, helping us to keep the project going.

Bulk discount

We also offer a bulk discount of 10% for 4 or more bookings in a year.

Dr Bike services
Service No Bikes looked at Duration Fee
Dr Bike standard Up to 10 3 hrs £120
Dr Bike Charity + Up to 10 3 hrs £165
Bike MOT standard Up to 10 3 hrs £90
Bike MOT Charity + Up to 10 3 hrs £135
Additional hour 3 bikes per hour   £25
10% discount for 4 or more bookings in a year      


Please note that these prices apply to Bristol. For local(ish) surgeries elsewhere, there is likely to be an additional charge for travel. For more distant surgeries, you willbe better off finding someone more local to you.

We can also run surgeries with more than one mechanic. Get in touch for details.



If you ahve been on a Life Cycle Dr Bike surgery and want to supply us with some feedback, please follow this link

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